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Covid Updates

This is an unusual and unprecedented time we are all navigating at this moment. Our hearts go out to our whole community - our customers, our farmers and producers, our staff, our fellow businesses, and all our neighbors as we adapt to living with COVID. We are in this together and we are Whidbey Strong!

Girls K & R Farm Stand

We are in this for the long haul and promise continued service with a smile (even behind our masks)!

face coverings:

Per county and state guidelines, customers are required to wear face coverings while indoors at the farm stand.


Throughout the day, we repeatedly clean all frequently-touched surfaces including but not limited to doors, credit card machines, and countertops. Our small baskets are each cleaned and disinfected before being offered to you.

hand-washing and gloves:

Some of the staff are wearing gloves and some not. Gloves have been shown to harbor Covid more than bare skin. So unless an employee is frequently cleaning with a bleach solution, which is irritating to the skin, many of our employees are not wearing gloves. Instead, they are washing hands frequently. Those wearing gloves are changing them frequently.

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